Llalla Land Project

Llalla Land Project
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lla Lla Land Project

Earth Angel Outreach became Incorporated in the Summer of 2009 before embarking on the first of the La La Land Projects, called 'The Lla Lla Land Project' which took place in the small mountain village of Llalla - Cusco, Peru. By joining a restauraunt owner and his dream to help a small impoverished community build a school for the young children, EAO helped to raise needed funds, collect supplies and materials from South Florida communities and personally deliver the items to the children of the village. By bridging communities and providing the tools to better themselves the two villages that were visited came together through EAO's assistance.

The first La La Land project inspired several fundraising efforts over the year to help send young missionaries from South Florida to China, Brazil, and Haiti in order to help children in need.